Don Raymond, a long time camp area preacher is one of our primary Speakers.  Don served Countryside Christian Church in Topeka, KS, for several years during the early 1970’s.  He moved away for a while and then came back to serve as the Preaching Minister at Wallula Christian Church. While serving there, Don and the Wallula Christian Church lead in several major Camp Improvements including a new modern Cabin on the boys side of the camp grounds which led to another church building a new modern Cabin on the girls side of the Camp Ground.
      Eric Todd Hoover is our other primary speaker.  Eric was raised in the Rushville Christian Church and attended camp at Mission Lake every summer.  Upon High School Graduation, Eric attended Ozark Christian College and became a preacher.  Eric will be sharing his story about the importance of Praying for one another.  Eric has survived a severe Heart attack and can relate first hand the importance of Prayer.
      Our third Retreat Leader is Dennis Bixby.  Dennis was instrumental in the interior finishing of the weatherized retreat center that we enjoy at camp. He is leading a workshop activity on Building up the Body.  Dennis shared many of his experiences at our men’s retreat 4 years ago and will undoubtedly again be a popular part of the Retreat.