Thank you for taking time off from your schedule to pour into the campers that are going to be at your week of camp. Please take a moment and look over this page and contact the Deans Committee chair if you have any question. At the end of your camp week, please fill out the Evaluation and have your staff fill out one as well.

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A person who is willing to accept a great task and the awesome responsibility of being a Dean at Mission Lake Christian Camp is very special. There is a uniqueness of Christian camping and as the Dean you have volunteered and been selected to see that the highest mountains are scaled and that the lowest valleys are avoided.

Camp is a training ground for Christians, a place to mature in the Lord. Camp is a place where the lost become Christians. It is a place where relationships are learned, tested and tried. Your task is great task, but is done with God working through you and your staff.

The present constitution of the Mission Lake Christian Camp states “ The objective, purpose and pursuit of this camp shall be to provide for the young people of this area facilities for Christian training, Christian recreation and Christian fellowship; to develop strong Christian leadership for the church of tomorrow;…” In addition, the camp experience provides opportunities and training in which persons who are not yet Christians may be won to Christ and His church as it is set forth in the New Testament, and that Christian people of all ages (campers and staff) may be built up in the Christian faith and life.

You have a real challenge as you see that the right combination of study, recreations and spiritual growth are melded together for every camper as an individual. Camping is an individual thing and Mission Lake is made up of individuals. As God’s message is applied to individual lives the blessings come from God

The camp experience seeks to develop the total person, not only in the relationship between campers, but also between the camper and God and thus there is a possibility of complete change taking place.

This handbook pulls together useful information (board policies, planning guides, checklists, etc.) to help you bring that change about. Don’t forget to reach out to the other Deans and seek their ideas on what has worked best in their weeks of camp.

As you use this handbook, please take a moment to note the changes that need to be made make it more valuable for you and your peers. The Deans Committee of the Mission Lake Board of Directors is interested in your feedback.

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Duties of Camp Deans

1. Assume the full responsibility for the success of your week of camp. Your duties in setting up your week of camp are as follows:

a. Pick your faculty from men and women who are: 1) Capable, mature Christians 2) agree to abide with Christian church doctrine.

b. Fill the faculty positions outlined in the DEAN’S PLAN section.

c. Develop a curriculum that can be delegate to your faculty for execution.

d. Communicate your plan to the Chair of the Deans Committee (see BACKDATING YOUR CALENDAR).

2. The Board of Directors approves the Camp Dean. The men and women chosen for this job are those the directors feel will best reach the objectives of camp. There are many areas in which you are allowed broad liberties. In these areas you can follow the course you feel will make for a better camp. Specific board policies are clearly indicated and the directors respectfully request that you follow these or request a specific exemption.

3. For the opening Sunday you should plan a “Get Acquainted” talk to all of the campers. Your talk, perhaps mixed with humor, should emphasize a wonderful camp spirit. Stress the importance of every camper having the right attitude. They can have a good time only if they will allow themselves.

4. Be responsible for keeping Camp life as close to schedule as possible. Close control of a signaling method (bell or fog horn) is suggested.

5. Anticipate problems before they arise, Plan for one faculty meeting daily at a time that best fits your daily schedule. These meetings are for the purpose of making the camp run smoothly. Be sure to plan for supervision of campers during this time.

6. Be responsible for obtaining the mail from the Camp Attendant and distributing it to the young people. The campers have another “unwritten law” about what a person receiving more than one piece of mail on the same day must do to retrieve that mail. Use your own judgment as to whether they observe this law.

7. Any camper discipline problems that cannot be handled by a faculty member will be brought to you. No camper can be sent home without your consent. Be sure to inform the Camp Attendant should this unlikely event happen.

8. You will be in charge for every service (Chapel, Campfire, and Missionary.) Ensure that speakers and special presentations are properly introduced. You represent the Board of Directors at all times. Clear communication with the Camp Attendant is important to the success of camp. Initiative on your part will make for a better camp.

9. Meet the visitors who come to camp. Talk up the camp to each of them. Explain the evening schedule and see that they are invited to activities and services. Make sure that they observe the camp rules in regards to smoking, dress, etc. They must not disrupt the camp program and should keep to the camp schedule. Make a point to recognize visitors at meals, services, etc.

10. Mealtime can bring a lot of problems for the Camp Dean. Plan ahead as to how you will handle announcements, team scores, mail call, newspaper, etc. The washing of the dishes and clearing of the tables will be carried out as specified by the Camp Cook.

11. Plan the clean up. The Handbook has check off sheets available to make sure all areas are cleaned. All faculty members should remain at the camp until all tasks are completed.

12. Use your imagination and close your week of camp in such a way as to send the campers home with a sincere desire to serve Christ better.

13. We have found that the Dean can make or break the camp spirit. You are the “spark-plug”. Have frequent correspondence with your faulty before your camp week. They will appreciate being informed of what activities you have planned, and exactly what their areas of responsibility will be.

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Deans Handbook

The Deans Handbook provides planning information and camp policies that you should be familiar with. Ideas to improve the handbook should be provided to the registrar.

Download the Deans Handbook

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Dean’s Evaluation

Before you leave camp, please fill out the Dean’s Evaluation Form. This will help us improve future camps.

Also, encourage your staff to complete a Staff Evaluation before they leave camp.

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